Career Reboot Program

If you have literally tried everything and nothing has worked in your journey to your dream career, this program is for you.

When work has become one big drag….

You’ve tried: Changing jobs, Self-help books, Seminars

You’ve tried a lot of different things to try to find a way to love work.

You are looking at years of work ahead of you and want to spend those years loving work rather than dreading it.

You need a new approach, a holistic approach, an approach that works.

Did you know?

Most career assessments, tools and products focus solely on the practical and tactical.

They are missing something BIG.

Something that when focused on, takes you from a drag to a dream.

This something is turning lives around.

The Career Reboot Program is built around teaching people how to Live Their Calling. In other words, DOING THE WORK YOU WERE MEANT TO DO!

This critical and unique component is leading people to conquer the career dilemma and come out very far ahead from where they were before.

We will take you through the steps, we will show you exactly what you’ve been missing. If you’re looking for a way to start over and truly make it work, this is for you.

Look at this glowing review:

“Before I met Rebecca, I was navigating my professional life by working not to fail. Rebecca made me question my preconceptions and taught me that the course to success is, and can be, impediment-free. Now, with a different mind-set, I see my work from a place of success.”

— P. Maltin

“Say no more. I want a free consultation to find out how to work together to live my calling so I can be inspired by my work.”

It says so much that you are taking this step. You truly are serious about doing something so many people can’t do. That is ENJOY YOUR MONDAYS.

Look. We get it. It can be scary when you feel that nothing is working and nothing is changing.

The drag of work has exhausted you.
You do work but can’t stand what you do.

You really want to get off this hamster wheel but
just don’t know what to do next.
You have been dreading Mondays for way too many Mondays.

It’s time to get a system you can use to move your career in your desired direction.

There is a solution and it really works for our clients.

So let’s get really real…..

One simple question for you. How many more of your precious days are you willing to sacrifice to being unhappy at work?

It’s time to:

Be in control of your career regardless of circumstance

See real change from the actions you take

Be connected with your personal power

Be excited to go to work in the morning

So let’s leave behind what you don’t want and start getting what you do want

When you enroll in the Career Reboot Program, you will:

Make progress you can actually see, feel and measure

Have a clean slate to begin work anew

Enjoy work again

Live Your Calling

Own your career going forward

What do you get:

Situational assessment to see where you and where you want to be

12 months of personalized focus on your career
Introduction to 3 new career changing practices
each quarter

The LYM workbook

1:1 sessions with Rebecca to personally guide you through the concepts

LYM Action planning session

LYM assessment worksheet

If you’re really ready to see how good it feels to truly own your career, be fulfilled by your work and be thrilled to start the work week, schedule with one of our strategist now, and let’s get moving!

Because every one of our clients is unique, we often customize our programs to add exactly the support and training you need. What is listed above is our standard offering for this program, which may differ from what we recommend for you based upon your needs.