Let’s get you that Dream Career

Do you go to work each day knowing you rather be doing something else for a living? Do you know what your dream career is?

Congrats. 75% of the battle for achieving a career change is knowing what you really want to be doing. Having this clarity is the first step on your new career journey.

So why aren’t you doing it?

The main reasons people don’t act on their goals are 1) They don’t know where to start and 2) They are afraid.

Don’t worry. You are not alone. So many people are in your same situation.

A Career Change requires Action

Do you go to work each day knowing you rather be doing something else for a living? Do you know what your dream career is?

What you need to do is something different than you have done before to move yourself out of this place of “stuckness”. Easy for me to say, right? I get it. I have been there too. I spent hundreds of days, literally, in my office feeling the pain of knowing that there was this other thing that I wanted so desperately to do, but I didn’t have the foggiest idea of how to get there.

On top of that, I was terrified of taking that first step. I had so many reasons, and at the time, I believed, good reasons, for not taking action. I believed the first step had all sorts of implications; like I would have to leave my job, my financial security would be at jeopardy, that I was too old to start something new. You get it. All these thoughts seemed logical at the time, but they weren’t serving my highest good.

What I learned and what I teach my clients is that the best remedy for this situation is to start. Just do one thing differently today to get yourself on your way. ‘One thing differently’ has a cascading effect on your life. It puts you on the path of positive change.

Unfortunately, not acting can become a pattern, one that becomes safe and comfy. Safe because we can come to enjoy the yearning. Yearning for a new career is easier than making it happen. This is how we become stuck: wanting something but not taking action to make it happen.

Two Steps you need to Change Careers

Here are steps that you can take today that will help you with career change.

The first step addresses the issue of not knowing where to start and believe me, this becomes one of our biggest hurdles. Why? Because in our society we have the mixed-up notion that having all the puzzle pieces in place is a necessity for any new plan or venture. Not true. Mostly, we need a vision and even the slightest inkling of a first step. Really. That is all you need. You just need to start. The step below will help you do just that.

Once we have tackled this step, we will turn our attention to the second most common impediment to going after our dream job: being afraid to start.

Let’s get going.

Get one step closer to your new career

Write down a brief one-page list of your next steps. Give yourself a 30-minute time limit. The limit serves to prevent you from overthinking it. What goes on the paper? Everything. Any idea you have about how to get where you want to go, put it down. Take a breath and let the ideas flow.

This exercise is not about listing every way to achieve your goals. It is about getting ideas and first thoughts out of your head and on paper. What we don’t want to do is judge or assess the ideas. That comes later when we design a plan. Do your best to keep judgement at bay. We want to stay out of the head because that is how the fear starts whispering in your ear.

The ideas don’t need to be perfect or actionable or even make sense in the moment. What you need to do is simply allow the flow of ideas.

Once this is complete, believe it or not, you will have in your hands the beginning of a road map, a plan. Yes, it will be a very rough map, but it is a start. It is more than you had yesterday.

Of course, you will come back and revise and strategically craft your plan. After this 30 minutes of ‘conjuring’, you have the bones for your next steps. You are much farther along the road than you were before.

For extra credit: Review at the ideas you have generated. Which ones excite you, spark your passion, get you revved up? Those are the ideas that you follow. You can begin to build your career change plan off these ideas.

Step 1 done! What’s next?

Take a moment and pat yourself on the back. Yay you! You took a step and changed the paradigm. You impacted your future. That is huge.

In my next blog, I will share with you a proven way to handle fears that block us from going after a new career.

In the meantime, schedule your Free 20-Minute Consultation with me right now and I’ll show you how to fine tune these initial first steps and prepare you for the ones coming as you set off on your new career journey!

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