Career Flight Plan

You KNOW you need a career change.
You’ve pictured your last day and happily saying goodbye to the job you no longer enjoy.

BUT You can’t seem to get there, not sure which step to take next.

You’re not alone.
If you want to successfully transition to your Dream Career you need the
Career Flight Plan Program
Not sure yet? Read this story.
Sandra had been at her job for 10 years. A job she first entered with excitement everyday managed to turn into an everyday drudgery. From dealing with a demanding boss, feeling as though she wasn’t being heard, working long stressful hours, to simply walking through life like a robot. As a wife, mother to two, and a busy professional, Sandra wanted a change. She was feeling less and less like herself as the job sucked the happiness out of her. The situation had to change, she knew there had to be something better but she just didn’t know where to start.
Relatable? We bet it is.
We hear from many men and women across the nation with similar stories. Don’t stay stuck.

You need a custom plan, YOUR PLAN, designed especially for you based on your needs and situation.

The plan to get you out of the job you don’t like and into the job you do!

A plan that makes you feel excited about your future and confident in your ability to implement it.

A plan that gives you control of your career and life.
Then you can say you actually…love Mondays!

In the Career Flight program
you will get:

  • Weekly plan design sessions with Rebecca
  • Career Situational Assessments
  • Accountability Planner
  • A personalized plan that supports your goals
Because every one of our clients is unique, we often customize our programs to add exactly the support and training you need. What is listed above is our standard program offering, which may differ from what we recommend for you based upon your needs.

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