“I have been talking with Rebecca for four years or so. To describe how helpful Rebecca has been to me; Insightful, caring, understanding, listening, guiding, uplifting, spiritual and nurturing come to mind. These are all qualities Rebecca has, but at the same time she will hit me with some tough love when I need it. (And I need it a lot.) After each session I am uplifted and ready to work on challenges and life’s goals. Rebecca can help you sort through things, and offer steady, caring guidance along your journey.”
Jim Aldrich
“Rebecca taught me to look within myself and to realize my fears and face them. She also taught me to think out of the box and help me be self-confident. She provided me with valuable tools to not only assist me with my professional career but also my personal endeavors. I continue to be successful because of Rebecca!”
Julia Farhat
“In the four months we have worked together, I have gained much insight and clarity. The systems you taught has given me direction and awareness of what I want to create for myself and my business. This has allowed me to move forward with confidence. I feel more connected with my power and abilities and I know this translate into a better experience for my employees and my audiences.”
Yolanda King
“Before I met Rebecca, I was navigating my professional life by working not to fail. Rebecca made me question my preconceptions and taught me that the course to success is, and can be, impediment-free. Now, with a different mind-set, I see my work from a place of success.”
P. Maltin
“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Rebecca for the last 1.5 years. She helped me to envision the future Serena and challenges me to align my goals towards fulfilling my vision. - She is passionate. In every conversation I have with Rebecca I can tell that she not only cares for me but also cares for my wellbeing and development. - She is strong. Rebecca always holds me accountable and calls me to the mat when she sees I may be regressing. I always trust that I will get her honest, forward thinking and thoughtful point of view to lead me in the right direction.”
Serena Clark
“Rebecca always helps me focus in on the actual issues that are causing upset or confusion in my life, versus the apparent conflicts, disturbances, or decisions that I present to her. She has a way of gently leading me to understand the essence of the issues at play in my life, the roles and intentions of different individuals, and the smoothest path to empowerment. Following a session with Rebecca, I always feel safe, self-directed, in tune with my true goals, and re-energized to face whatever the universe has in store for me.”
Kathie Weir
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